Yoichi Aso

Yoichi Aso

Associate Professor

Research Area

Gravitational Wave Astronomy, ultra-precision metorology with laser interferometers, high-performance vibration isolation systems


PhD from the University of Tokyo
Postdoc researcher at Columbia University
Postdoc researcher at California Institute of Technology
Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo
Associate Proffesor at the NAOJ since 2014

Research activities

For most of the history of science, electro-magnetic waves have been the main way to observe the Universe. Since the first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2015, we have learned that there are many astronomical phenomena which cannot be seen by electro-magnetic observations. My main research interest is to search for unknown aspects of the Universe using gravitational wave detectors.
Since the interaction between gravitational waves and matter is extremely weak, we need a detector with ultimate sensitivity to detect gravitational waves. I have been working on development of technologies to improve the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors. In Japan, a cryogenic interferometric gravitational wave detector, called KAGRA, has been constructed in an underground site of Kamioka. KAGRA performed its initial observation in 2020. As the leader of KAGRA's interferometer design team, I led an effort to optimize the optical configuration of KAGRA and develop an interferometer control scheme. I have also been involved in the development of high-performance vibration isolation systems for KAGRA. Currently, I am also involved in the development of quantum optics techniques to reduce the quantum noises of gravitational wave detectors.
While I was a postdoc in Columbia University, I worked on the data analysis of burst gravitational waves using a coherent anlysis method. Using observational data from KAGRA, I'm also planning to start data analysis oriented researches.

Publication List


GWIC Thesis Prize 2006 (