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LVK collaboration papers are listed here.

Title Citation Publish
"Ground strains induced by the 2022 Hunga-Tonga volcanic eruption, observed by a 1500-m laser strainmeter in Kamioka, Japan" Earth, Planets and Space volume 75, Article number: 98 (2023) [link] 2023-06-16
"Noise subtraction from KAGRA O3GK data using Independent Component Analysis" Class. Quantum Grav. 40 085015 (2023) [link] 2023-03-31
"Response of the underground environment of the KAGRA observatory against the air-pressure disturbance from the Tonga volcano eruption on January 15th, 2022" Prog. Theo. Exp. Phys., Volume 2022, Issue 11, November 2022, 113H02 [link] 2022-09-19
"Identifying and diagnosing coherent associations and causalities between multi-channels of the gravitational wave detector" Phys. Rev. D 106, 042010 (2022) [link] 2022-08-26
"Performance of the KAGRA detector during the first joint observation with GEO 600 (O3GK)" Prog. Theo. Exp.l Phys., ptac093, [link] 2022-06-28
"Unsupervised Learning Architecture for Classifying the Transient Noise of Interferometric Gravitational-wave Detectors" Sci Rep 12, 9935 (2022) [link] 2022-06-15
"The Current Status and Future Prospects of KAGRA, the Large-Scale Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Telescope Built in the Kamioka Underground" Galaxies 2022, 10(3), 63 [link] 2022-04-26
"The KAGRA underground environment and lessons for the Einstein Telescope" Phys. Rev. D 104, 042006 (2021) [link] 2021-08-26
"Local Hurst Exponent Computation of Data from Triaxial Seismometers Monitoring KAGRA" Pure and Applied Geophysics volume 178, pages3461-3470 (2021) [link] 2021-07-28
"Effects of lightning strokes on underground gravitational waves observatories" 2021 JINST 16 P07033 [link] 2021-07-20
"Method for environmental noise estimation via injection tests for ground-based gravitational wave detectors" 2021 Class. Quantum Grav. 38 125005 [link] 2021-05-07
"Radiative Cooling of the Thermally Isolated System in KAGRA Gravitational Wave Telescope" 2021 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1857 012002 [link] 2021-04-19
"Cryogenic suspension design for a kilometer-scale gravitational-wave detector" 2021 Class. Quantum Grav. 38 085013 [link] 2021-03-19
"High performance thermal link with small spring constant for cryogenic applications" Cryogenics 116 (2021) 103280 [link] 2021-03-09
"Vibration isolation systems for the beam splitter and signal recycling mirrors of the KAGRA gravitational wave detector" 2021 Class. Quantum Grav. 38 065011 [link] 2021-03-05
"Overview of KAGRA: Calibration, detector characterization, physical-environment monitoring, and the geophysics interferometer" Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Volume 2021, Issue 5, May 2021, 05A102, [link] 2021-02-22
"The Hunt for Environmental Noise in Virgo during the Third Observing Run" Galaxies 2020, 8(4), 82 [link] 2020-12-07
"Compact integrated optical sensors and electromagnetic actuators for vibration isolation systems in the gravitational-wave detector KAGRA" Rev Sci Instrum 91, 115001 (2020) [link] 2020-11-09
"Prospects for observing and localizing gravitational-wave transients with Advanced LIGO, Advanced Virgo and KAGRA" Living Reviews in Relativity volume 23, Article number: 3 (2020) [link] 2020-09-28
"Overview of KAGRA: Detector design and construction history " Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Volume 2021, Issue 5, May 2021, 05A101 [link] 2020-08-17
"Overview of KAGRA: KAGRA science" Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Volume 2021, Issue 5, May 2021, 05A103 [link] 2020-08-12
"Prospects for improving the sensitivity of the cryogenic gravitational wave detector KAGRA" Phys. Rev. D 102, 022008 - Published 24 July 2020 [link] 2020-07-24
"Application of independent component analysis to the iKAGRA data" Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Volume 2020, Issue 5, May 2020, 053F01 [link] 2020-05-28
"An arm length stabilization system for KAGRA and future gravitational-wave detectors" 2020 Class. Quantum Grav. 37 035004 [link] 2020-01-13
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TAMA300 / R&D

Title Citation Publish
"Control scheme for polarization circulation speed meter using a dual-retardation waveplate" Phys. Rev. D 107, 084029 (2023) [link] 2023-04-17
"Optical loss study of the cryogenic molecular layer using a folded cavity for future gravitational-wave detectors" Optics Express Vol. 29, Issue 5, pp. 6780-6793 (2021) [link] 2021-02-18
"3D characterization of low optical absorption structures in large crystalline sapphire substrates for gravitational wave detectors" Sci Rep 11, 2654 (2021) [link] 2021-01-29
"Control of a filter cavity with coherent control sidebands" Phys. Rev. D 102, 042003 - Published 10 August 2020 [link] 2020-08-10
"Optical loss study of molecular layer for a cryogenic interferometric gravitational-wave detector" Phys. Rev. D 102, 022009 - Published 27 July 2020 [link] 2020-07-27
"Frequency-Dependent Squeezed Vacuum Source for Broadband Quantum Noise Reduction in Advanced Gravitational-Wave Detectors" Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 171101 - Published 28 April 2020 [link] 2020-04-28
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Title Citation Publish
"Current status of space gravitational wave antenna DECIGO and B-DECIGO" Prog. Theo. Exp. Phys., Volume 2021, Issue 5, 05A105 [link] 2021-02-22
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Title Citation Publish
"Torsion-Bar Antenna: A ground-based mid-frequency and low-frequency gravitational wave detector" International Journal of Modern Physics D, Vol. 29, No. 04, 1940003 (2020) [link] 2021-05-24
"Automated source of squeezed vacuum states driven by finite state machine based software" Rev Sci Instrum 92, 054504 (2021) [link] 2019-03-04
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Ph.D Thesis

Name Title Year and Organization
Naoki Aritomi "Frequency-Dependent Squeezing for Gravitational-Wave Detectors" 2020, UTokyo
Satoru Tanioka "Optical Loss Study of Molecular Layers for Future Cryogenic Gravitational-wave Detectors" January 2021, SOKENDAI [link]
Yuhang Zhao "Development of a frequency dependent squeezed vacuum source for broadband quantum noise reduction in advanced gravitational-wave detectors" 2020, SOKENDAI [link]
Yoshinori Fujii "Fast localization of coalescing binaries with gravitational wave detectors and low frequency vibration isolation for KAGRA" December 2019, UTokyo
Koki Okutomi "Development of 13.5-meter-tall Vibration Isolation System for the Main Mirrors in KAGRA" February 2019, SOKENDAI [link]
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Master Thesis

Name Title Year and Organization
Yohei Nishino, "Development of a new control scheme for the Polarization Circulation Speed Meter for the 3rd generation gravitational-wave telescopes" February 2022, YTokyo
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