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Message to students who aspire to do research
in the field of gravitational wave

Gravitational wave astronomy is a new frontier yet to be explored by mankind

The recent detection of gravitational waves has provided the first observation of the coalescence and the merger of two black holes. This achievement represents the birth of gravitational wave astronomy and shows all the potential of this new field. The primordial explosion that gave birth to the Universe, the oscillation of black-holes, the explosion of supernovae, and the coalescence of compact binary stars are all astrophysical phenomena which produce gravitational waves. Their detection will allow observations of phenomena and regions of the Universe that are invisible with other types of telescopes. In addition, the detection of gravitational waves will allow us to explore the behavior of space and time and will provide a unique tool towards the construction of a new basic theory that may integrate general relativity theory, quantum theory and cosmology.

Therefore, research of gravitational wave is expected to accomplish sound development and results in the future. However, in order to realize these goals it is necessary to develop detection techniques with ultra-high sensitivity and low noise so as to detect the super fine distance variations due to gravitational waves.

To pioneer this frontier passion, patience, inspiration, and action will be necessary. If you are interested in this field, and find this research worth your effort, please join our research group to share the true charm and excitement of this research.

Please contact for details.
We will accept visits and interviews at all times.

The gravitational wave project office is associated with the School of Science of the University of Tokyo (Department of Astronomy) and the Graduate School for Advanced Studies. Our office has also an agreement with Ochanomizu University. If you are planning to apply to one of these Universities and wish to perform your research in the area of gravitational wave detection and astronomy contact

Our team can also host students from other universities willing to perform their research in this field, subject to an agreement between NAOJ and your university/supervisor. Graduate students willing to spend a short period to work with us can apply for the NAOJ visiting programs. In all cases contact or the following supervisors directly.

Members who can accept students as supervisors

Name Title Notes
TOMARU, Takayuki Professor Director of the Office, Kamioka branch
ASO, Yoichi Associate Professor ATC
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